Thanks for joining monkeystats.com! We want to get you up and running as soon as possible, so here's a quick guide to get you started, whether you are a player or a manager.

If you have any ideas for how this tutorial could be more helpful, or if you have any ideas for the site, let me know.

If your manager is using monkeystats.com, your team is already accessible on the site. Ask your manager for the URL.

Once you are viewing your team pages, you will see gray tabs across the top. Click them to view information about your team:
  • Team Summary
    This page lists all the basic information about the current season, including schedule and stat leaders.

    This page also has an area for comments. Only users who are logged in may leave comments.
  • Games
    This page lists your schedule in more detail. Clicking on a game will send you to a detail page with information about that particular game, including RSVPs (if an invite has been sent by the manager), stats (if the game has been played and statistics have been entered by the manager). Clicking on a field will allow you to see its location on a map and generate directions to it.

    Each game page also has an area for comments. Only users who are logged in may leave comments.
  • Stats
    This page lists full season statistics for your team (if they have been entered by a manager). The statistics are sortable (just click on the column headers). To view stats from other seasons or to view career stats, make a selection on the Seasons drop-down menu. You may also view stat splits by clicking the appropriate checkboxes. (For information on BaseRuns, view the FAQ.)
  • Players
    This page lists all of the players currently active (as designated by the manager) on the team's roster. The information is sortable (just click on the column headers).
  • Records
    This page lists players who hold single-season and career records for your team. COMING SOON
  • Score a Game
    This page allows you to score a live baseball or softball game. After submitting the final results, you will be able to view a box score or scoresheet for the game and save the statistics for your team. COMING SOON
A password may be sent to you by your team's manager. If you log into monkeystats.com with your e-mail address and password, the system will know your team preference and always send you to your team's Team Summary page. If you happen to be a player on multiple teams, you will see that on the top right, near the team name and Log Out link, there is a Change Team link. Click it, and you can use the drop-down to select one of your other teams to view.

Logging in will also allow you to add comments to the Team Summary page and Games pages.
In addition to all of the benefits listed above, a manager may add/change/delete any team information, including seasons, players, fields, games, and logos. Managers may also give players site access, send out team e-mails, and send out game invitations.

When you signed up, you selected a password. Please keep a copy of this password somewhere safe. You'll need your e-mail address and password to log into monkeystats.com and manage your team.

After logging in, click the red Manage tab at the top of the page. You will be sent to the manager area, where you will see a series of red subtabs that allow you to modify information for your team:
  • Games
    On this page, you may view and modify your team schedule.

    Games may be added only after a season has been added (under the Seasons manager subtab), a field has been added (under the Fields manager subtab), and an opponent team has been added (under the Teams manager subtab).

    For games that have already been played, you may enter the score by clicking the game's edit button. The system will automatically calculate if it is a win, loss, or tie and adjust your record accordingly. You may also enter weather conditions for splits on the Statistics page.

    Enter player stats by clicking the game's stats button. On that page, you must save stats for each player individually.

    If a game has been rained out, or if you need to remove a game due to a schedule change, simply remove the game by clicking the game's delete button.

    For upcoming games, you may send out a game invite by clicking the game's send invite button. Game invites are e-mails which are sent to all players who are marked as "active." It requests that they let everyone know if they are coming by clicking response links. Player responses are viewable by everyone on the Game page.
  • Players
    On this page, you may view and modify your team roster.

    Players with e-mail addresses and marked as "active" (the default setting) will receive game invites.

    You may also send a password to players by clicking the player's send password button. A password will allow them to log into the site. Users with "player" access will be able to leave comments on the message boards. Users with "manager" access will be able to fully manage the team, accessing all of the manager subtabs that you can access as manager.
  • Fields
    On this page, you may view and modify the fields or parks where your team plays.

    You may choose to add an address or latitude/longitude coordinates for fields which don't have a mappable address. You may get the latitude/longitude coordinates by finding the field on Google maps, centering it on the page (by double-clicking it), clicking the "Link" option to generate a link for that location, and then extracting the "ll=" coordinates out of the generated URL.

    Entering either an address or latitude/longitude coordinates will allow the field to be mapped on the Games page and will allow players to generate directions to that field.
  • Teams
    On this page, you may view and modify the teams you manage as well as teams you have entered as opponents.

    You will see your current team listed as a "managed" team. Any opponents of the current team will also be listed here. If you decide to manage more than one team, you will see a "Change Team" link appear in the top-right corner of the page. Clicking the link will create a drop-down which will allow you to select another one of your teams to view and manage.

    You must add a team as an opponent in order to enter a game against that team on the Games manager subtab.
  • Seasons
    On this page, you may view and modify the seasons for your team. It is usually best to denote each individual league-published schedule (eg. regular season, playoffs, tournaments) as a separate season.

    Entering different seasons within a single year will generate season-specific statistics on the Team Summary and Statistics pages.
  • Logos
    On this page, you may view and modify the logos that have been uploaded for your team.

    Logos must be exactly 64x64 pixels and must be saved as a PNG file.

    When the first logo is uploaded, it will replace the default logo in the top-right corner of the page. After additional logos are added, you may choose which one to use by clicking the "Selected" checkbox and keep the others for later use.
  • Photos
    On this page, you may view and modify photos that have been uploaded for your team.

    Photos may be any size but must be saved as JPG files.

    You may choose which photo is displayed on the Team Summary page by clicking the "Selected" checkbox.
  • Messages
    On this page, you may create and send messages to all players with e-mail addresses and marked as "active" under the Players manager subtab.
Check out the FAQ page for even more information.
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